Conveyor and Automation Devices

A conveyor system at Brook Park in 1952 (top) moving engines down the line. An overall view of one automated piston machining line in the Cleveland Engine Plant in 1952 (middle). The pistons are transferred from a belt conveyor into machines by means of deflecting units and chute loaders. Various belt conveyor systems distribute the pistons to grinding, boring, and chucking machines. The entire system is basically an extension of many of the principles of conveyor design with the automation designer's technique added to feed the machines. The two faces of connecting rods are ground (bottom) and then automatically carried to electrically-operated scales that classify them according to weight in order that they may be matched later with pistons and caps in perfect balance. In the foreground are eight classifying chutes. .


Images: From the Collection of The Henry Ford. 1) P.833.98064.16; 2) P.833.98072.1384; and 3) P.833.98064.3 .

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