Omnibuses, Cablecars, and Horsecars

Riding up New York City’s famous Fifth Avenue (left) in a bus was a popular diversion in other days. This photograph shows the bus of the 1890s with its three horses and two decks. Women who rode on the top deck had no fear of their hats blowing away, for millinery was securely anchored to a huge mop of hair by hat pins of startling length. Another popular mode of transportation can be see here in Superior, WI, where these people are traveling via horse-drawn streetcar (right) in 1890. While in Bangor, ME, about 1885 (bottom) we can see the various forms of transportation, including an electric streetcar and horse-drawn wagons and carriages, in use in their downtown district.


Images from the Collections of The Henry Ford. 1)P.B.35422; 2) P.O.5015; and 3) P.188.16871

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