The Model T

Pictured below is a 1910 Ford Model T and a drawing of the car from a 1908-1909 Ford sales brochure.

Looking back on the famous car in 1920, the Ford News Bureau described its development and specifications:

During the year 1906, the ambitious Mr. Henry Ford told the world he was going to build a high grade touring car and sell it at an unheard of price. That car ... became available to the public in October of 1908. It was a four-cylinder, 20 horsepower touring car a roomy, commodious, comfortable family auto which Ford said 'looks good, and is as good as it looks.' It sold for only $850, compared to a figure of $2,800 for a few earlier touring cars the company made. The car had a speed of about 40 miles per hour; carried 10 gallons of gas or enough for 225 miles; tires 30 x 3 1/2; 100-inch wheelbase and weighed 1,200 pounds.

Images from the Collections of The Henry Ford: 1) P.833.10187, 2) Acc. 175 Ford Techincal & Sales Publications 1907-908.

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