The 1934 Chrysler Airflow

Chrysler’s sales literature for the 1934 Airflow alluded only indirectly to the car’s unusual design:

"True, the cars of the past ten years or so have succeeded mighty well in freeing you from the crudities of the early horseless-carriage. And--comparatively--most late-model cars have afforded a degree of riding comfort quite beyond the imagination of automobilists of the 'goggles-and-duster' era. But, complete riding comfort,--you will admit--is lacking even in the most expensive cars, when built to conform to strictly conventional design.

Chrysler believes there is no reason for withholding complete riding comfort from those who desire the utmost in motoring. Naturally, the basic changes that so definitely influence complete riding comfort are not made at low cost. They cannot be included in all cars in all price groups. But, for you who prefer motor cars that are wholly apart from the commonplace, Chrysler offers for 1934, the utterly distinctive, Floating Ride Airflow Chrysler."

Images From the Collections of The Henry Ford. 1 & 2) Acc. 175, Automobile Product Lit. Chrysler, 1934 Sales Literature.

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