Automobile Hardtops and Center Pillars

"Hardtop Convertible" is one of the world's great misnomers. Since the top does not retract, it is not a convertible, and the missing center pillar makes the top distressingly "soft" in a roll-over accident. Below are the 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe, 1957 De Soto Fireflite, and the 1959 Lincoln Coupe.
Images: From the Collections of The Henry Ford. 1) B99166, 2) D-111097-1 of Acc. 93.151.1 the 1957 Desota, part of the Collection of The Henry Ford. 3) Acc. 1660 Box 56 - Autos-Lincoln-1959 coupe. 114433-449

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