The Hidden Persuaders

This book is your eye opener, your guide to the Age of Manipulation into which we are fast entering. Here you will learn what the new breed of depth men, the motivational researchers, are learning about you the ordinary citizen, as they glide through your subconscious, charting your hidden urges, fears, frustrations, and wish fulfillments. What they are learning about you, your family, and even your children will astonish you. And how they are using this information to engineer your consent to buy, believe in, and even vote for what they want you to may well give you a slightly chilly feeling along the spine. These new techniques of research and symbol manipulation have become the basis for a multi-million-dollar operation. Indeed, wherever two or three men in gray flannel suits are gathered together along AD Alley - Madison Avenue - figuring how to part you from more dollars, the subject of motivational research and how and whether to apply it to you is never long absent from the discussion. (Excerpt from Back Cover)

Images: Book Cover scanned From the Collections of The Henry Ford. 1)659.1 P119 1957

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